About US

Aislinn and Keegan are both from Missouri and met through mutual friends in college. After graduating, they moved to Mississippi in spring 2011.

Keegan grew up working on his family’s tree farm in southern Missouri and has been around woodworking his entire life. He learned many skills from his father growing up, and has continued to grow his skills through self teaching. 

Aislinn has a BFA with an emphasis in fiber arts, and fell in love with weaving while in college. She picked up cross stitch as a means to create while her loom was unavailable and finds relaxation in the repetitive motions. 

Clover and Leaf History
It was decided in 2016 that Aislinn needed to move out of her small bedroom studio to a larger space, so a studio/car shop was built in the family’s backyard. One of the first woodworking projects was to create a set of cabinets and shelves to hold the fiber arts materials in the studio.

Once the cabinets and shelves were complete, Keegan began working on a bed and bookshelf for the couple’s three year old son. After working on large scale projects for so long, Keegan felt the need to create on a smaller scale and started making boxes. 

We officially created the Clover and Leaf Etsy page in 2017 as a way to sell the many cross stitch pieces that had collected around the studio. After receiving interest from family and friends, Keegan also began to sell his woodworking. In the fall of 2017, an opportunity arose that allowed Aislinn to leave her full time job to focus on Clover and Leaf full time. 

Why Clover and Leaf? 
The clover and leaf motif has many personal meanings for us. Aislinn’s family is from Canada, so the maple leaf represents her Canadian heritage. Keegan is an engineer, so the clover represents St. Patrick, the patron saint of engineers. Both of us have Irish heritage which is also represented by the clover. These symbols mean so much to us that we also used them in our wedding! 

Our materials
Whenever possible, we strive to use wood that is sustainably farmed from our family’s tree farm in southern Missouri.