Walnut Coffee Table with Board Game Storage and a Lego Surprise

We’re a family that loves to play board games together. Our collection of games was quickly outgrowing the box we had been using to store them, so Keegan decided to build a coffee table for our living room that could also double as storage for our games.

Around the same time as designing the coffee table, we also purchased 10 pounds of Lego from a garage sale for $5, so we suddenly also needed Lego storage. Keegan was able to incorporate drawers for the Lego and use the underside of the table top for a build surface.

The coffee table is made entirely out of walnut from our family’s farm in southern Missouri, except for the drawers and the divider piece that separates the drawers from the board game storage, which are plywood.

You may see a colored string under the table top in a few of the pictures. Keegan inlayed a half inch thick piece of steel under the Lego build plates at one end in hopes of using a magnet on the other side to lift the table top, but the magnet we currently have isn’t strong enough, so the string is there for us to be able to lift the table top up. Once we find an strong enough magnet, we should have an inconspicuous way to flip the table top from side to side.

Drawers from above before the divider piece was set in

Drawers from above before the divider piece was set in

Close Up Of Bridle Joing.jpg
Coffee Table.jpg
Coffee Table 2.jpg
Coffee Table With Top Taken Off.jpg
Coffee Table Showing Game Storage 2.jpg
Coffee Table Showing Game Storage.jpg
Coffee Table with Lego Drawers Half Out.jpg
Coffee Table with Lego Top.jpg
Coffee Table with Lego Drawer Pulled Out.jpg
Coffee Table with Lego Drawer Out.jpg
Coffee Table with Lego Side Up.jpg
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